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Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Whiteboard

Nov 09, 2018

These years, glass whiteboards has become more and more popular in the market. People are fond of choosing the fashion and no ghosting glass whiteboard for their modern spaces. When customer buy a whiteboard, they will compare and choose the best one for themselves. Therefore, they will have some questions when making final decision about whiteboard. Here we would like to list some frequently asked questions about purchasing a whiteboard. 

Q: Compared to traditional whiteboard, what is the advantage of glass whiteboard? 

A: Glass whiteboard is never ghosting and never staining, you will have the best dry erase writing experience on the it.  Besides, the frameless design and elegant looking will be a nice decation in the space. 

Q: How to use glass whiteboard? 

A: So easy. Use whiteboard marker to write on the glass whiteboard, and use whiteboard eraser easily wipe off the writings on the board surface.  

Q: Is the glass whiteboard safe to use? 

A: It is made of safety tempered glass which strength is 6-7times stronger than common glass. Our tempered glass is pass SGS drop and safety test, and EN71 europe certificate for safety of child toy. So it is quite safe to use it, even for kids. 

Q: How to install the glass whiteboard?

A: You will find very easy to install by yourself as per instruction book. The glass whiteboard is mounted on the wall by installation accessiories. If you buy glass whiteboard, the installation accessories will be included. 

Q: What is the disadvantages of glass whiteboard. 

A:  The glass whiteboard is expensive than traditonal whiteboard, but glass whiteboard have long service time, never ghosting board surface, decoration element for space. 

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