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Flexible Colored Glass Partition

Dec 14, 2017


As we all known, glass partition is with the function of sectioning off the space in office room. A best solution for spatial planning is flexible, efficient and visually arresting. Blessing glass partition enable layouts tailored to the given applications.

Blessing colored glass partition offers an additional useful function of dry erase writing. You are allow to use it as a space partition, but also a whiteboard to make note and leave message.  

Colored glass partition will make your working style more eco-environmentally, and help to achieve paperless office.

The color of glass partition can be customized, and the light blue color is the most popular. We suggest you to choose the color based on the design style of your office. Your office will looks more fashion and workers will feeling goods during working.

For the dry erase writing funtion of glass partition, it is a anti-ghosting whiteboard surface that allow your glass partition keep as long as possible to looks as a new glass. You will have a good dry erase writing experience on glass partition by using whiteboard marker, and easy to wife off by whiteboard eraser. 

You are no need to worry about if the glass is easy to break off during. Blessing glass partition is made of electronic grade tempered glass, and its strength is 7 times of normal glass.  It is not easy to break.

Why not to inquiry and buy colored glass partition now?  Colored glass partition is flexible and fashion that allow to customized size and color, with the function dry erase writing. It will be a best office solution for modern office.  

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