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Fashion Glass Board for Modern Interior Design

Aug 18, 2017

An organized, clean and modern office space will have a great impact on how you do business. When you clients walk into the office door, the workplace will convey them the first impression about your company. It shows your company‚Äôs values, work ethic and professionalism. Colored glass dry erase boards will make your office looks more fashion and elegant. 


Colors is a very important factor for office interior design. It will have a profound impact on how people look at our brand and company. And a comfortable colored working space will create employ a pleasant mood for a better work.

The most popular Panton color this year is light blue, light green, red, yellow, pink, black and white. You are allow to customized you favoriate colors for your own personalized office style.  

The advantage of colored glass boards:

1.  Good writing experience and easy to clean when making business presentaion

2.  Never stain and no ghost on board surface

3.  Being themodern decoration for your stylish office

4.  It is durable and Eco-friendly that allow you to use for forever

Choose a color that represent your company, contact us and we will work with you about the suitable glass board for your modern office.  

Blessing Glass Whiteboard is the leading manufacturer of creative colored glass whiteboards. 

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