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Factory of Glass Whiteboards

Oct 23, 2018

Factory of Glass Whiteboards

Where to find a best factory of glass whiteboards? 

Where to find a wholesale factory of glass whiteboards?

Where to get a factory direct price for glass whiteboards?

A best factory of glass whiteboard will not only offer high quality product and best services, but also will insist innovation as per market new demands. Especially the profesional experiences and market insight are very important for a strong factory. 

As a leader in the fileld of glass whiteboard, Blessing glass whiteboard factory always run in the front of market, and insist the concept of quality first. Because we always believe top quality is the determining factor for a sustained developed factory.  

How Factory of Blessing Glass whiteboard offer top quality product? 

We insist to use top grade tempered glass as raw material which pass SGS safety test to keep safe. As we know, Europe counties have quite very strictly policy for child toy, they need to make sure the product is safe and eco-friendly and health for every child. For a higher safety and eco-friendly consideration, our glass whiteboard pass the Europe cetificate EN71 of safety of child top. 

How to get a factory directly price for glass whiteboard?

Factory of Blessing glass whiteboard welcome any distributors who want to distribute or wholesale glass whiteboard. We welcome customized size less than 1200x3600mm, and any Panton color. We will offer a competive price, but top quality. 

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Factory of Glass Whiteboards

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