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Factory Direct Price Glass Whiteboard

Jun 20, 2018

Factory Direct Price Glass Whiteboard

Since 2009,  Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory aims at providing quality never ghosting glass whiteboard for every modern space at a factory direct price. 

Glass whiteboard is a modern alternative to the tradtional whiteboard, because it is more easier to wirte on smooothly, more erasier to clean by whiteboard eraser or a cloth. What is amazing, colored fashion glass whiteboard looks elegant and beautiful in the moder office, meeting room, hotel, home etc. 

Blessing glass whiteboard offers factory direct price glass whiteboard with top quality, due to its 10 years professional manufacturing experience, great market positioning, and good market reputation. 

Features of factory direct price glass whiteboard: 

1. any size within 1200x3600mm

2. 770 panton colors available

3. mounted on the wall or movable is available

4. Never stainning and never ghosting

5. Pass SGS EN71 Europe Certificate

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