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Comparison of Glass Whiteboard and Traditional Whiteboard

Apr 11, 2019

Due to the amazing advantages of never ghosting features, magnetic glass whiteboards are becoming the best whiteboards among the exisiting whiteboards. 

Most of you must have troubled by the traditional plastic whiteboards because of below reasons: 

1. Hard to clean -- bad writing experience

2. Leave staining and ghost on board surface -- badly affect presentation

3. Easily to be corroded - No eco-friendly

4. Short life time - need to change to a new one every 2 or 3 years.

Magnetic glass whiteboard provides you excellent experience of communication: 

1. Good writing experience

2. Easy to clean by whiteboard eraser

3. No stain and ghosting leaving on board surface

4. Eco-friendly product

5. Lifetime using as good as new glass.

6. Used as a fashion design for moder office and school.

Blessing Glass Whiteboard manufacturer offers top quality products. We have strictly incoming inspection system for raw materials, and producing as per our standardization. We have 10 years of exporting glass whiteboard to USA and European Countries, and we are always making our best effort to develop new products to make innovation. Welcome to be our business partners. 


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