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Comparison of Glass Whiteboard and Traditional Whiteboard

Sep 25, 2017

These years, glass whiteboard business have been rapidly growing up and become more and more popular in modern office and school with the advantages of its perfect writing surface and elegant design.

Have you ever troubled by traditional whiteboard problems? Maybe you could easily say many disadvantages of traditional whiteboard as following:

1. Hard to clean -- bad writing experience

2. Leave staining and ghost on board surface -- badly affect presentation 

3. Easily to be corroded - No eco-friendly

4. Short life time - need to change to a new one every 2 or 3 years. 

Compared to traditional whiteboard, glass whiteboard have its abvious advantages as below: 

1. Good writing experience

2. Easy to clean by whiteboard eraser

3. No stain and ghosting leaving on board surface

4. Eco-friendly product

5. Lifetime using as good as new glass. 

6. Used as a fashion design for moder office and school. 

We are confident that glass whiteboard will bring you a good writing experience during your presentation, to make your presentation more perfect. 

glass writing board white color.jpg blue color glass whiteboard.jpg

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