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Classification of projection glass Whiteboard

Dec 22, 2016

Some customers often confuse glass Whiteboard is kind, which are better suited for yourself? I share here. Glass chips there are two colors, tradition is the float glass sheet, the color green, but have deep and shallow. The last more than 10 years, market-white glass sheet, also called Super raw glass, a little better light transmission, if various color glaze on the glass side, becomes various colors of glass panel. Currently is widely used in the decoration market. If using white glass, colors are more vivid and lifelike.

Glass white bottom is white, according to the original color so it divided into the ordinary light green and white varieties. Matt glass Whiteboard writing for nano-spray processing, reduce the rate of its reflective, without losing its smoothness, color is the same. Projecting glass White Board is to maintain the superiority of the Matt case, further improving its surface imaging, and better writing to wipe.