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Buy Glass Whiteboards

Nov 02, 2018


Buy glass whiteboards from Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory will be the best choice when you are planning to buy a whiteboard. 

Compared to old staining traditional whiteboard, glass whiteboards are designed to improve the dry erase writing experience, it is quite suitable for any place where need never ghosting writing surface, such as classroom, office, home etc. The ideal surface looks like a clear crystal that attract you writing anything on it. The most important is that you will never troubled by the ghosting anymore from now. You just only need to use a whiteboard maker on glass whiteboard surface, and use a whiteboard eraser to erase the writings on the surface. So easily! No staining left. The surface looks like as good as new glass. So buy glass whiteboards is a right decision.

Some people are worry if the glass whiteboard will easy to break. We want to say that glass whiteboards are not easy to break. Its raw material is eletronic tempered glass which strenghth is 7 times than normal glass, and our glass pass SGS drop and safety test, and pass Europe certificate. It is quite safe to use, even for kid.

Buy glass whiteboads from Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory, you could have customized sizes and colors and competive price.

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