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Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory

Nov 20, 2018

Blessing Glass Whiteboards resist staining and ghosting making it the ideal dry erase writing surface. Blessing Glass Dry Erase Boards, made by the world leading manufacturer, are  top quality, innovative, and clean alternatives to the old ghosting whiteboards. 

Why Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory? 

Being a world leading manufacturer of magantic glass whiteboard, Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory got the national patent and international patent in this field. With 10 years professional developing and manufacturing experience, Blessing Glass Whiteboard earns a good repuation in the middle and high market of USA and Europe countries. Offering top quality glass whiteboard are our most important task. Besides, we aims at offering best professional and suggestion for our clients in this field and keep make new development and innovation. A fashion colored glass whiteboard isn't only a writing board, it represents a attitude towards better communication quality and better life. 

How do I choose Blessing Glass Whiteboard? 

Make decision about the sizes and colors of glass whiteboard for your specific space. The colors of glass boards will be a nice decoration in interior design. It reflect the taste of owners. For example, the guest rooms, where ideas can become your nice, warm interior design colors, equipment available. 

How do I use Blessing Glass Whiteboard?

It is quite easy to mount glass whiteboard in the wall by the install accessories offered by us. A easily understood instruction book is included that allow you to intall by yourself quite easily.  A whiteboard marker and dry erase marker is available with offering best writing experience on the surface of glass whiteboard. A whiteboard eraser and dry erase eraser could be used to wipe off the surface easily. 

Where to buy Blessing Glass Whiteboard? 

Click here to inquiry and buy Blessing Glass Whiteboard.  Our sales will reply your demands within 24 hours.  Our website: www.oneglassboard.com

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