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Best Ways to Use Glass Whiteboard in Office

Jul 14, 2017

Glass whiteboard is a perfect element to modern offices.  It can turn a boring office into a productive and useful office. Here below are several best ways to use a glass whiteboard in office.

Presentations: When doing a presentation, if you do not create a PowerPoint, a glass whiteboard can be a great help. It provides a very smooth surface to write down your ideas, sketches or pictures, helping you to share your information clearly with your colleagues.

Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a very essential part of any creating process. It helps you develop creative solutions to specific problems. By the help of a glass whiteboard, jotting down all ideas that in your head, generate new creative thoughts and finally get the problems solved.

To Do List: In order to stay organized in work, keeping your to do list visible will help you focus and remind you what you are supposed to do in specific time. Hang a glass whiteboard in your high traffic area, write down your to do list, it will greatly improving your productivity and efficiency.

Calendar: Keeping a glass calendar near your desk can helps you keeping your deadlines and appointments in plain view. In this way, you will less likely to accidentally miss any engagements. You can draw a calendar template on your glass whiteboard, or you can buy a custom made glass whiteboard with printed calendar template.

Message Board: A glass whiteboard can be used as a message board in your office. You can use it sharing notifications, working schedules, meeting agendas with your team member. With the magnetic function, the glass whiteboard can hold papers, cards or photos on to the surface, which make the communication in office more smoothly.

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