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Benefits of Movable Glass Whiteboards

May 31, 2019

In modern environments, being able to communicate effectively is very key. Whether you are teaching in a classroom, doing a presentation in a conference room, brainstorming in your own home or any other environments where dynamic thinking and communication is vital, our movable glass whiteboards provide great services with below benefits:

Surface Benefits:

1.Durable: made of tempered glass, 6-7 times stronger than normal glass.

2.Never stains/ghosts: non-porous surface, very smooth to write on, effortless to wipe off.

3.Magnetic: backing with galvanized steel, the surface allow secure hanging of papers,cards and some small accessories.

Movable: Our movable glass whiteboards come with a stable stand to support the height of the glass board and lockable castors to keep your board in place. The board is fully mobile, you can move it around from room to room very easily, even for kids. It is a perfect solution for a room where is short of wall space, it will fit for any space.

Double Sided: our movable glass whiteboards can be double sided, you can write on both sides. This provides more writing space than the traditional wall mounted whiteboards. It provides more flexibility and convenience for your teaching or office presentation.

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