Projection Screen Dry Erase Glass Boards Video Conference Whiteboard Magnetic 1200×1800mm

Projection Whiteboard is used as a dry erase whiteboard and a projection screen.

Product Details

Projection Screen Dry Erase Glass Boards Video Conference Whiteboard Magnetic 1200*1800mm

Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory owns thenational patent and international patent for Glass Projection Whiteboard. 

We are a leading manufacturer of creative dry erase glass whiteboard conform to SGS, EN71 European certificate. With a variety of colors and styles,  the stain free and elegant glass dry erase board is a perfect solution for modern communication.

Glass Projection Board  glass projection whiteboard

Blessing Dry Erase Glass Projection Screen Advantages
Raw Material Made of made of top quality electronic tempered glass, safty in use
Glass PaintAdopt environmentally friendly waterborne glass paint
Unique agent Adopt unique anti-yellow agent and adhesive agent
FunctionCould be used as a classic glass write on/wipe clean board as well as a projection screen, with better projection quality than traditional projection canvas. 
Writing Compatible with all whiteboard markers and whiteboard eraser
Board SurfaceFree staining and anti-ghosting 
Magneticallows for secure hanging of papers/cards on board surface

Glass Projection Whiteboard Specification
Popular Size900*1200mm, 1200*1200mm, 1200*1500mm, 1200*1800mm,1200*2400mm
Customized Available
Lead TimeNormally 30 to 35 days for one container
PaymentTT, LC, CIF, Western Union

Technical Parameters of Glass Projection Whiteboard
Hardness> 3 H
Water resistance(23°C)72 hours
heat resistance8 hours
Acid Proof 10%H2SO4)> 24 hours 
Paint adhesion test> 5B 
tempered glassStrength is 6 to 7 times of regular glass
Board SurfaceSmooth, no scratch or no dot with greater than 0.3 mm diameter.

Exhibition of Glass Projection Whiteboard:

glass whiteboard exhibition glass writing board exhibition

Packing of Glass Dry Erase Boards
Each glass whiteboard is packed by a individual standard carton, packing details as below:
APlastic corner protectors are used on each corner of the whiteboard.
BThen put glass board into a bubble bag
CSix Sides of POLYLON to protect six sides of glass board. Then tightened by scotch tape.
DLoad into a 5-layer corrugated carton box, with four edge styrofoam protected.
ECarton packed by PE Tape. 

It is a eco-friendly product with long lifetime using, and suitable for schools, meeting/conference rooms or in the office. Just be confident for your business presentation and teaching, with blessing glass projection whiteboard. 

SGS, EN71 Europe Certificate and Patents      Loading Container Of Glass Projection Screen Board: 

Blessing Glass whiteboard certificate         

Question: What is the glass whiteboard and its advantage? 

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Blessing Glass Whiteboard is the leading manufacturer of creative colored glass whiteboards. 

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