Glass Projection Screen Silver Color

With wide experience and expertise, BLESSING now brings you the best quality outdoor glass portable electric projection screen silver color with competitive price and offers you the customized services. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, please rest assured to place orders....

Product Details

Glass Projection Screen Silver Color

Glass Projection Screen combine the function of projection screen and dry erase writing. 

It provide you a better projecting quality. You could have a dry erase writing on glass projection screen by whiteboard marker, and clean by a whiteboard eraser.  

Features of Glass Projection Screen

Better projecting quality

Good writing experience on smooth board surface

A whiteboard eraser will easily wipe off the glass whiteboard.

Anti staining and anti ghosting on whiteboard surface

Magnetic allow to hold on papers on whiteboard surface

Frameless design make it perfect for modern office

Popular size of Glass Projection Screen

900×1200mm, 1200×1200mm, 1200×1500mm, 1200×1800mm,1200×2400mm

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