Yellow Glass Writing Boards, 48X60 Colored Dry Erase Board, Kid Whiteboard Glass,Wall Mounted

Colored Glass Drawing Board is ideal for Child drawing,writing,and learning. - Yellow Glass Writing Boards

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Yellow Glass Writing Boards, 48X60 Colored Dry Erase Board, Wall Mounted Kid Whiteboard Glass

Whiteboards have been used for teaching children for a long time, but teacher and child often troubled by a stainning and ghosting whiteboard. Now we have something for better: glass whiteboard.  A never stain glass whiteboard is perfect for a teaching, presenting, organizing, brainstorming and drawing board for children. 

Children need some tools to help them learn, grow, experiment, draw, create and explore. And child ofter love colorful things, a colored glass whiteboard will be the ideal tool during their process of growth. 


Colored Glass Writing Board Features:

1.  Any customized size within 1200*4000mm. 

2.  770 Colors available for glass board

3.  Good writing by whiteboard marker

4.  Easy to clean by whiteboard eraser 

5.  Never Stainning and ghosting on board surface

6.  Eco-friendly glass boards with lifetime using.  

7.  Anticorrosion as good as new glass

8.  Not easy to break. Safe to use. 

Why Choose Blessing Brand Glass Writing Boards for Kids? 
Raw Material Top quality electronic tempered glass. 7 times stronger than common glass.
SGS Certificate Pass SGS certificate for "drop and safety test".
SGS Certificate Pass SGS certificate for tempered glass
Glass Plaint Pass SGS eco-friendly paint test
Europe Certificate EN 71 Europe Certificate for "Safety of Child Toy"

Blessing Glass Whiteboard is the leading manufacturer of creative glass whiteboards and glass visual display products. For more information about Blessing Glass Whiteboard, please feel free to visit our website:

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Colored Glass Writing Boards for Kids: 

blue dry erase board orange dry erase board

Blue Glass Writing Board Orange Glass Writing Board

green dry erase board Child dry erase board

Green Glass Writing Board Child Colored Glass Writing Board

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