Top Quality Frameless Magnetic Glass Whiteboard,Frameless Glass Wipe Board,Frameless Glass Dry Erase Writing Board

Surface quality is above European Union standard

Product Details

Top Quality Frameless Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Glass whiteboards can be any colors and printings, while providing the drawing & writing surface, it can also be served as a décor element in classroom space. The jade liked safety glass combine with fresh colors will bright up your child’s room and make it vivid.

Why buy Frameless Magnetic Glass Whiteboard from Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory? 

Raw material made of electronic tempered glass whose strength is 7 times than common glass.

Paint on glass is safe and eco-friendly, pass SGS.

Smooth, no scratch or no dot with greater than 0.3 mm diameter.

Certificates of Frameless Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Pass SGS, EN71 EN71 Europe certificate

Painting material comply with USA and European Union environmental standards

Surface quality is above European Union standard

Get 4 national patents and 1 international patents

What is specification of Frameless Magnetic Glass Whiteboard?

Size: any sizes within 1200*2400mm. Allow to customized.

Color: 770 colors available. Allow to customized. 

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Blue Frameless Glass Whiteboard Yellow Frameless Glass Whiteboard

White Color Frameless Glass Whiteboard  Frameless Glass Whiteboard Certificate


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