Purple Dry Erase Board Glass

Purple Dry Erase Board Glass for interior design.

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Purple Dry Erase Board Glass 48X60 Decorative Glass Designs Custom Size Magnetic Board

Traditional whiteboard is made from various kinds of pressboard, coated in a static-cling, dry erase chemical, and can last for about three years if you are good to them. 

Nowaday, Dry Erase Board Glass is renowed as good writing and easy to clean without leaving any stainning and ghosting on board surface. More and more industries already start to use glass dry erase board as their standard whiteboard, for a good writing presentation experience and eco-friendly to use forever. 

Colored Dry Erase Board Glass.jpgDry Erase Board Glass Specification

Color:  Available to customized for decorating your office space

Size:    Within 1200X4000mm  customized to fit your specific need

Install:   Visible and invisible allow to choose

Corner:  R=3mm, 6mm, 10mm is available 

Tell us your specific requirement and we will offer creative solution! 

Magnetic Dry Erase Board Glass Advantages
Writing Presentation Good writing by whiteboard marker
Dry Erase Clean Easy to clean by whiteboard eraser
Board Surface Never stain and ghoston dry erase board surface
Magnetic Available to hold paper and note on dry erase board surface
Eco-friendly Anticorrosion with long life as good as new glass
Decorating Function As a elegant decoration for modern school and office design and interior design

Others about Blessing Dry Erase Board Glass:
Packing Each glass dry erase board is packed by individual 5 layer strong carton
Lead Time Normally 30 to 35 days for whole container 
Payment TT, LC, CIF, Western Union etc 
Port FOB  Xiamen Port

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Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory: 

Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory.jpg

Question:  To Learn Details About Fashion Glass Board for Modern Interior Design. 

Blessing Glass Whiteboard is the leading manufacturer of creative colored glass dry erase boards. 

For more information, please feel free to visit our website: www.oneglassboard.com

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