Orange Magnetic Glass Board

1200×1800mm Unframe Wall Mounted Glass Note Board

Product Details

Orange Magnetic Glass Board 1200×1800mm, 4×5ft, Unframe, Wall Mounted Glass Writing Board

Orange Magnetic Glass Board Specification: 

Size: 1200×1800mm (4ft×5ft).  Could be customized

Color: Orange. Allow to customized

Install Method: Wall mounted 

Orange Magnetic Glass Board Features:

Good Writing by whiteboard marker

Easy to clean by whiteboard eraser

Never stainning and never ghosting on board

Anticorrosion as good as new glass

Lifetime using 

Made of high grade electronic tempered glass and not easy to break. 

Who will benefit from Orange Magnetic Glass Board ?

School Teachers and College Professors

Office Administrator and Staff

Hospital Administrators

Organized Families

Decoration Industry

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