Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard

With wide experience and expertise, BLESSING now brings you the best quality kitchen memu boards notice glass whiteboards eu standard kitchen note board,menu dry erase board with competitive price and offers you the customized services. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers

Product Details

Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard

Function of Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard

Leave message on menu board

Write menus on board 

Write cooking methods on menu board

Make note on menu board

Without any stainning and ghosting on menu board surface

Features of Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard

Size: Any size smaller than 1200×4000mm

Color:  Custimized as per your kitchen style

Install:  Install on the wall. Visible and in visible install is available to choose. 

Raw Material Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard

Electronic Tempered Glass which is 7 times stronger than common glass

Safety in use, not easy to break. 

Pass EN71 Europe Certificate for Safety of Child Toy

Who produce Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard? 

Blessing Glass Whiteboard are the leading manufacturer of creative dry erase glass whiteboard, which meets SGS, EN71 EU standard. With a variety of colors and styles, the stain free and elegant glass dry erase board is a perfect solution for modern communication.

Popular Sizes of Kitchen Menu Boards Glass Whiteboard 
450×600mm, 600×900mm, 900×1200mm, 1000×1000mm, 1000×1500mm, 1200×1800mm, 1200×2400mm, 1200×3000mm, 1200×4000mm 

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