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Tempered glass is approved as a best writing material.

Product Details

Good Writing Office Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass which is processed by thermal or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Now it is widely applied to many fields. You can almost see it everywhere in your daily life, it is generally applied to building decoration, furniture, vehicles, vessels, and also other applications to be discovered.

Specification of Good Writing Office Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard

Size: Any size smaller than 1200×4000mm

Color:  Allow to customized from 770 colors Panton book

Install on the wall. Visible and in visible install is available to choose. 

Compared to tradition whiteboard, what is the advantage of Glass Writing whiteboard? 

Smoothly good writing experience for presentation

Quickly to clean by whiteboard eraser or clean cloth dipped water

Anti ghosting to keep you a clean and clearly board surface forever

How install a Glass Writing whiteboard

It is easy to mount glass whiteboard on the wall by install accessories as per instruction book. 

Visible and in visible install menthod is available to choose. 

Eco-friendly and Safety of Glass Writing whiteboard

Pass SGS certificate for tempered glass

Eco-friendly glass paint pass SGS certificate

EN71 Europe certificate to ensure safety of glass

4 national invention patents and 1 international invention patents

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