Erasable Magnetic School Glass Message Board

With wide experience and expertise, BLESSING now brings you the best quality erasable magnetic school notice writing message board with en71 with competitive price and offers you the customized services. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, please rest assured to place orders....

Product Details

Erasable Magnetic School Glass Message Board is the best whiteboard for teacher and student. It not only offer a good writing experience and easy to be clean, but also it is health for teacher and student.  

Why need to use Erasable Magnetic School Glass Message Board in classroom? 

Traditional blackboard have dust and not health for teacher

Tradtional blackboard always leave many ghosting on board surface

Glass message board is made of enviromenal healthy material, it is good for health. 

Easy to clean the glass message board by by whiteboard eraser

Anti ghosting to keep you a clearly board surface forever

Description of Erasable Magnetic School Glass Message Board

Customized sizes

Customized colors

More than 10 years warranty

EN71 Europe safety Certificate, SGS, and invention patent

Install on the wall. Visible and in visible install is available to choose. 

Quality Control of Erasable Magnetic School Glass Message Board

Made of tempered glass which strength is 6 to 7 times of regular glass. Safety to use. 
Smooth, no scratch or no dot with greater than 0.3 mm diameter.
Stainless and solid install accessories
Hardness > 3 H
Water resistance(23°C)/heat resistance 72 hours/8 hours
Acid Proof 10%H2SO4) > 24 hours Paint adhesion test > 5B 

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