Customized Magnetic Glass Whiteboard With Quartet Glass Dry Erase Board Glass Magnetic Wall Board Color

With wide experience and expertise, BLESSING now brings you the best quality customized magnetic glass whiteboard with quartet glass dry erase board glass magnetic wall board color with competitive price and offers you the customized services. We are one of the leading manufacturers and...

Product Details

Customized Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 

BLESSING GLASS WHITEBOARD MANUFACTURING is a leading manufacturer in the world in the field fo Glass Whiteboard industry. Covering 20, 000 square meters area, with 10 years of rich experience. We have close cooperation with world top-level companies, like Headquarter of US Microsoft Cooperation, LG Display , Haagse Hogeschool (Holand).

Description of Customized Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 

No stain or ghosting on board surface. 

Customized sizes 

Customized colors

More than 10 years warranty

EN 71 Europe Certificate, SGS, and invention patent

Dry erase writing is the very important features of Customized Magnetic Glass Whiteboard 

Smoothly and clearly surface with good writing experience

You will never troubled by ghosting any more. It offer a never stainning board surface. 

A whiteboard eraser will easily wipe off the message on board

No matter how long you use this glass marker board, it will looks as a new clear glass

How to buy a Customized Magnetic Glass Whiteboard ?

Make decision about board sizes. 

Choose color of board to fit your classroom or meeting room or office room

Decide install methods: three kinds of install methods for your to choose 

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