Benefits Of Glass Whiteboards

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Benefits of Glass Whiteboards

There are lots of benefits of glass whiteboards that makes magnetic glass whiteboard become more and more popular in the market. Due to the great benefits of glass whiteboards, old dirty traditional whiteboard is replaced by magnetic glass whiteboard step by step. Accoring to many market research, 60 people nowadays are fond of fashion glass whiteboards.  

What is the benefits of glass whiteboards? 

1. No staining or ghosting on glass whiteboard surface

2. Smoothly good dry erase writing by whiteboard marker

3. Easy to wipe off by whiteboard eraser

4. With magnetic that allow to hold on paper and note on board surface

5. As a nice decoration for modern office and school

What is the benefits to buy glass whiteboard from Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory? 

1. Pass SGS drop and safety test

2. Pass En71 Europe certificate for Child Toy Safety

3. Eco-friendly paint pass SGS certificate

4. MSDS for waterborne glass paint and glue. 

5. No dot and scratch larger than 0.3mm on glass whiteboard surface

Welcome for wholesale glass whiteboards from Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory. 


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Benefit  of glass whiteboards

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