1200x1800mm Glass Dry Wipe Board

Magnetic 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe board offer people a comfort vision for a great brainstorm.

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1200x1800mm glass dry wipe boards

1200x1800mm glass dry wipe boards offer people a comfort vision for a great brainstorm. People from many industries like to list their ideas, plans, report utilizing magnetic 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe board. Why 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe board is so popular? One of the important reason is that eco-friendly glass dry wipe board have the great features of good writing, easy to clean, never ghosting, and could be used lifetime. 

Name:                High-quality 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe boards

Raw Material:    Electronic Tempered glass, 7 times stronger than regular glass

Size:                   Any sizes with 1200mm width, 4000mm length,   Thickness 4mm and 6mm

Color:                770 colors from Pantone book

Design:              4 colors design and custom engraved client's own logo, OEM  is welcomed

Packing:            Six Sided Polylon to protect glass whiteboard then pack  each by 5 layer carton

Quality of 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe boards:           

1. The suface quality is above the standards of   European Union. 

2. 5 layer environment friendly glass paint. 

3. EN71 Europe Certificate, SGS Certificate, 5 invention patents

How to buy a High-quality 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe boards?

1. Choose color of glass dry wipe board to fit your space

2. Decide install methods: visible and in visible install methods avialable to choose.

Inquiry for 1200x1800mm glass dry wipe board

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