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History of Blessing Glass Whiteboard Factory

The founder of Xiamen Blessing Glass Whiteboard Manufacturing David Mao used to work as a freelance writer for a Chinese evening post. During the conversations with different people from the culture and education circles, he often encountered with complains about the traditional whiteboard being difficult to erase the markings and often leaves stain. Mr. Mao thereafter began to invest in the development and improvement of writing boards. He and his team have worked through hundreds of possible materials and after meticulous analysis, comparison and experiment, they have finally landed on glass. Through a series of examination and reform of the material, the forward-looking glass whiteboard was created with an extremely easy to write on/wipe off clean function.  With years of observation and ponder over the production and technological process, Xiamen Blessing Glass Whiteboard Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has since established and manufacturing glass boards known being innovative, professional, quality and service friendly.